1.5: The Skill of our Hands (feat. Steven Brust & Skyler White)


It’s time to look into the oldest, the most arcane and perhaps most persuasive of the secret societies — The Incrementalists.

It is said they control all other secret societies. That they have had a hand in history’s most momentous events. That they are in touch with aliens or are themselves secret alien overlords with the power of Immortality, mind reading,  telepathy, and  E.S.P. — able to keep everyone in the world under constant surveillance. That they are everywhere. Perfectly organized toward one mysterious goal.

What is their secret agenda? And why have they waited through all of human history to reveal themselves now?

Point Mystic, Season 1, Episode 5: The Skill of our Hands (Featuring Steven Brust & Skyler White).



This episode is a fan work that celebrates Steven Brust and Skyler White’s new novel The Skill of Our Hands. Order yourself a copy, and a copy of their first book, The Incrementalists, from Borderlands Books or your favorite bookstore.

  • Written and produced by Christopher Reynaga.
  • Story editing by Marguerite Croft.
  • Many thanks to Skyler White and Stephen Brust for being willing to reveal the secrets of the Incrementalists. Also to Jude Feldman of Borderlands Books for being wonderful, Oskar for his meddling, and to Spider for use of the back room.
  • The song “FMera” and our featured song “Facade” is by the fabulous band Cats Laughing. Find more about their amazing music at: CatsLaughing.Wordpress.com.
  • Episode music by Blue Dot Sessions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-No Derivitaves 4.0 International License.

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