Season 1: Opening



0 – The Fireman (feat. Joe Hill and Martha Quinn)

As we launch  the podcast version of our radio show, we had planned to rebroadcast our most popular episode from our twenty years of stories behind the magic, the mystery and the unexplained. This is not it.

We’re not sure where this episode came from, an episode dated just days ago that depicts the end of the world. I did not record this, and our world is not on fire. We are broadcasting this for you now, uncensored, in its entirety.

If you have been listening to the news since the highly contagious, Draco Incendia Trychophyton or “Dragonscale” began to spread, you know what kind of panic the world is in…

Point Mystic, Season 1, Episode 0: “The Fireman” (Featuring Joe Hill, and Martha Quinn).

1 – White Rabbit Pt. 1: Down the Rabbit Hole

This happened in early October just a few weeks ago in a small coastal town. A boy named Fox, age ten, went missing from his home. It’s the middle of the night. His bed is empty, the front door was left open.

When he’s found, he’s created something in the woods that he can’t remember building. Something huge.

2 – White Rabbit Pt. 2: The Diary of Anastasia Alenky


Our investigation into the local legend of the White Rabbit grows deeper, and the strange structures built by the children of our town begin to point to something terrifying real.

Who or what destroyed Fox’s structure? And what does it have to do with his dreams about a mythical creature that’s been a legend in this town for over a hundred years?

3 – White Rabbit Pt. 3: A Time for Heroes

As the children prepare to fight the coming of the white rabbit, and the community struggles with how to protect our sons and daughters from what happened to this town over a hundred years ago… it may already be too late.

4 – White Rabbit Pt. 4: Little Bunny ‘Thulu

The legendary creature known as the White Rabbit has come. And the people of this community will either stand together or we will fall together.

5 – The Skill of our Hands (feat. Steven Brust & Skyler White)

It’s time to look into the oldest, the most arcane and perhaps most persuasive of the secret societies — The Incrementalists.

What is their secret agenda? And why have they waited through all of human history to reveal themselves now?

Point Mystic, Season 1, Episode 5: “The Skill of our Hands” (Featuring Steven Brust, and Skyler White).

6 – The Secret of Point Mystic Pt. 1: Ghostlilly

Normally I would have Lilly Forster tell you her story, but she can’t.  She’s taken a vow of silence, and the story I’m about to share with you had been relayed by writing on a notepad at a picnic table outside of our town’s lighthouse, in one of the strangest interviews I’ve gotten in this show’s history.

The story she has to tell is a hard one to take in. It involves a traveler from what may be another world, an eye transplant from what may be one of television’s most famous detectives, and the talent to see death.

On our season finale, not all who are lost… wander.  It’s time to reveal the secret of Point Mystic.


(Continued in The Secret of Point Mystic Pt. 2)



Darkness reigns at the foot of the lighthouse