#TryPod Bonus: Point Mystic Presents: The Dark Tome

We’re hard at work on our next chapter of Point Mystic, but I want to share something special with you.  During the month of March, Point Mystic and hundreds of our fellow podcasts such as Welcome to Night Vale, Criminal, and Fresh Air would like to ask you to share the gift of your favorite podcasts with friends and family.

Believe it or not, a lot of people have never heard of podcasts or don’t know how to subscribe and listen to them. We’d like you to show them. Show them what you love. Think about, what is the perfect show for them — It doesn’t have to be this podcast to be the right podcast.

We are all supporting this together, and as our contribution to #TryPod, I’d like to recommend to you and your friends one of my favorite podcasts The Dark Tome, produced by Fred Greenhalgh and Bill Dufris. It’s part of the Wondery network of podcasts. 

It’s the story of a magical book that transports you into the infinite stories it holds, and those stories can be rather dangerous. If you loved our pilot episode featuring Joe Hill and the world of his novel The Fireman, you are are going to love their pilot episode exploring Joe Hill’s horror story “The Devil on the Staircase.”

Show your friends the world of podcasts, and tweet at us at @PointMystic with the hashtag #TryPod and let us know what you recommended to your friends. Our Point Mystic community would love to hear it too. Thanks for listening!


This work is © Copywrite The Dark Tome.

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