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Three Audioverse Award Finalist Nominations for Best Actor and Best Actress

Winner: Fox, Best Actor – 2017 Audio Verse Awards


About the Show:

Point Mystic is an award winning, independent audio drama of magical realism and horror told through the frame of narrative radio journalism. It is created through a combination of written story, scripted and improvised dialog, and occasional real-life interviews.

The podcast is broadcast free to the world, and released advertisement and sponsor free under a Creative Commons remix/share-alike license to encourage and support an intentional community of artists and fans who love stories — ours and everyone else’s.


The Story:

Point Mystic presents itself as a long-running radio show exploring stories behind the magic, mystery and the unexplained. A journalistic “This American Life” or “Radiolab” in search of the supernatural. However… this is not the whole truth.

Point Mystic is also a hidden point not found on any map. It is a legendary place of doors where a supernatural lighthouse watches over the treacherous reefs of all other worlds. Point Mystic is the community that is called to this place, a town who watches over and protects each other. Together, through these stories of magic, mystery and the unexplained, they will come to discover the secret of Point Mystic. calls Point Mystic “Welcome to Night Vale by way of NPR”

Listen to the Trailer for the Season 1 prelude: The Fireman


Listen to the Trailer for the Season 1 premiere: White Rabbit


Release schedule

Point Mystic is released on an approximate monthly basis (about every 4-6 weeks) on #AudioDramaSundays, with the exception of special episodes, such as season premiers and specials.

  • Point Mystic Season 1 debuted on Halloween 2016 and ran until August 2017, where it went into a break to write and create Season 2.
  • Point Mystic Season 2 debuted on Halloween 2018 and will run through 2019. There are many more seasons planned to create the full arc of the story.


Cast and crew list:

Point Mystic has an ensemble cast with several main characters, and many featured guest novelists and artists — many who play themselves. Link to main page with pictures and bios of the cast and crew (coming soon!).

Main Cast (in alphabetical order):
  • Anita Busciglio – as Lilly
  • Marguerite Croft – as Herself
  • Fox – as Himself
  • Kris Plowden – as Tristan  
  • Christopher Reynaga – as Himself
  • Xochitl Johnson – as Angela
Featured Guests  (in alphabetical order):


What Reviewers are Saying about Point Mystic:

“Point Mystic is endlessly spine-tingling. It’s Welcome to Night Vale by way of NPR”

– Aja Romano,  The Best, Scariest Horror Podcasts  

Point Mystic is magical realism brought to dizzying heights by creators Christopher Reynaga and Marguerite Croft.  It’s set in a mysterious, hidden town with an equally strange radio broadcast, where the host interviews community members about their wild experiences. What’s amazing about Point Mystic is that those interviews… about topics like colonialism, racism, and injustice, {are} drawn from such personal, real memories that it becomes hard to remember that this is fictional.”

– Elena Fernández-Collins, The Mary Sue 10 Indie Horror Fiction Podcasts for a Diverse Halloween

“Christopher Reynaga’s gorgeous, thoughtful Point Mystic skillfully blends the real and the unreal into something that, while obviously fictional, approaches important truths.”

– David Rheinstrom, Radio Drama Revival Episode 488 – Point Mystic

“The beauty of Point Mystic is it offers a fresh spin on the podcast format… You’re sucked in. Your imagination swirls. The line between reality and fiction blurs.”

– John W. Allman, Creative Loafing Tampa Tune in to terror: Point Mystic explores creepy phenomenon in new podcast

“Point Mystic is an underrated delight… A magical realism of investigative journalism that will leave you breathless in wonderment and more than a little spooked.”

– Elena Fernández-Collins,The Bello Collective Indie Audio Dramas You Should be Listening To in 2018

“The eerie NPR-like interview style of this horror podcast shrewdly serves to heighten our tingling sense and quell our inclination for disbelief.”

– Brian Hall, Lifewire The 17 Best Horror Podcasts of 2018

“Point Mystic. It’s a perfect blend of magical and creepy… It’s one of my favorite podcast discoveries this year.”

– Paul Bea, Co-Creator of The Black Tapes & Creator of The Big Loop

“Point. Mystic. Is. So. Good. It’s like a cross between Night Vale, Lore, and LifeAfter. It’s stunning.”

– Joe Love, Creator of Advantage



What listeners are saying about Point Mystic

Point Mystic has a 5.0 out of 5 star rating on iTunes:

Atmospheric, Engaging, Beautiful

by lyssawrites

Point Mystic stands out from other supernatural fiction audio dramas. Each story leaves the listener filled with wonder at the beauty of humanity and our potential for compassion and bravery. White Rabbit is a clear standout, but every story is beautifully written and wonderfully acted and produced. Only complaint? The podcast is created with such love and attention to detail, once you have gotten past the initial binge, you can hardly wait for new episodes.

Take a walk down this path of wonder

By 1010100…

This podcast is done so amazingly. The voice acting feels absolutely real, i could believe this was a 100% true story based off the quality and the acting. The fact that they have a young boy being able to be so convincing is terrific. Walk down this weird path with your headphones and enjoy the ride. I’m hooked.

Like Nothing Else You’ve Heard

by twoferrets

I came by Point Mystic by way of twitter – like a lot of other listeners, I love PNWS and Night Vale. That gives you a general “if you like these, you’ll also enjoy…” idea, but really Point Mystic is unique. It’s unsettling and scary, weaving reality and unreality (one hopes) together and featuring some of the most genuine sounding acting you’ll hear in any podcast. I can’t wait to hear what comes next.


By Megg F

This is one of the best fiction podcasts there is. I binged all the episodes in one day and I can’t wait for the next episode. If you like The Black Tapes then Point Mystic is a must listen. I’ve gotten chills multiple times during every episode.

Where have I been?? This podcast ROCKS

By Amy Violette

I can’t believe i JUST discovered this great podcast. The storytelling pulls me right in and engages me immediately. Everyone should subscribe to Point Mystic podcast! LOVE IT!!!



With Season 2, we plan on releasing transcripts for all of our past and future episodes — highlighting both the original script AND improvisational bits, so that fans can experience the alchemy between the written story and improv that occurs between the page and the show. (Coming soon!)

A Thriving Community:

Point Mystic is first and foremost about our community: Creators, writers, artists, musicians, fans. Join us. You can discover and join our community here: 

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Community Support:

Since 2016, Point Mystic has been free to listen, and 100% advertising free. We also don’t take money from any of the authors, artists, and musicians we love and promote.

Starting with Point Mystic Season 2, we are opening up to crowdfunding for our community on Patreon, PayPal, Koffee, and other crowdfunding sources. We want to expand the world of Point Mystic, support artists on the show and in our community, and support other artists creating their own cool things all over the world.

(Coming soon!)


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