Point Mystic

Season 2

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Point Mystic. It’s a perfect blend of magical and creepy… It’s one of my favorite podcast discoveries this year.”

-Paul Bae, Co-Creator of The Black Tapes, Creator of The Big Loop

Point Mystic is an underrated delight… A magical realism of investigative journalism that will leave you breathless in wonderment and more than a little spooked.”

-The Bello Collective

Christopher Reynaga’s gorgeous, thoughtful Point Mystic skillfully blends the real and the unreal into something that, while obviously fictional, approaches important truths.

-Radio Drama Revival

“The beauty of Point Mystic is it offers a fresh spin on the podcast format… You’re sucked in. Your imagination swirls. The line between reality and fiction blurs.”

– Creative Loafing Tampa

“Point. Mystic. Is. So. Good. It’s like a cross between Night Vale, Lore, and LifeAfter. It’s stunning.”

– Advantage

Point Mystic is endlessly spine-tingling. It’s Welcome to Night Vale by way of NPR”


Three Audioverse Award Nominations for Best Actor and Best Actress


Winner: Fox, Best Actor – 2017 Audio Verse Awards

We are Christopher Reynaga, Marguerite Croft, and Fox. Join us as we investigate magic, mystery, and the unexplained to uncover the secrets of Point Mystic.


Listen to the Trailer for the Season 1 prelude: The Fireman

Listen to the Trailer for the Season 1 premiere: White Rabbit

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